On the dial More than just a sign of recognition

The Breitling replica was already surprisingly modern at the time of its launch: it was the last tool watch to feature a bezel that was an authentic slide rule. Coupled with two logarithmic scales bordering the dial, the Navitimer transforms into a flight instrument, displaying information including ascent times, fuel consumption and reserves, as well as conversion from miles to nautical miles or kilometers. This slide rule developed in 1952 it was never modified until 1990. It is therefore no coincidence that since the first Navitimer models of 1954, the famous AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) has created this official watch and affixed its logo. On the dial More than just a sign of recognition, this was a deeply significant recognition that marked the birth of the “fake tool watch”. The design of the Navitimer is a textbook case. First, because it is quite complex for those who are not pilots or lack serious arithmetic skills. It is a watch for professionals. Secondly, because it is a chronograph, a complication that is essential today, but which was not the norm for wristwatches of the time.

And finally, why this design has remained virtually unchanged for 70 years. There are very few variants and they are highly sought after, such as the Navitimer World with dual-time display; and the Cosmonaute with 24-hour display, most notably Ref. 809 worn by John Glenn and most notably by Scott Carpenter in May 1962 and the first Swiss replica space wristwatch. In addition to these variations, the design of the Navitimer was complemented by various logos that testify to the riders' attachment to fake watches this model. The AOPA wings have become legendary. The Breitling logo itself is varied: the original stylized “B”, a winged “B”, sometimes accompanied by a representation of aircraft in flight known as a “Twin Jet”. Occasionally, companies and armed forces have placed their coats of arms at 12 o'clock (Swissair, Patrouille de France, Patrulla Aiguila Espana, Canadian Snowbirds and many others).